What Maisie Knew

I can't think of a better celebrity to be standing in front of one of my paintings.

About a year ago I sent out a few paintings to be used on the set of the movie What Maisie Knew.  (its an adaptation of a Henry James novella of the same title staring Julienne Moore, Steve Coogan and Alexander Skarsgard.

Honestly I was expecting that they would be buried in the background out of focus or maybe not even make it through the editing but...

Here's the trailer.


Loose Lips Sink Ships

A new painting that is very close to done (almost).



I'm a few weeks off with this post but here's a montage of a recent trip to Maine Michelle and I took.


Ladder with Chasm

I have a lot of new work developing right now and will be posting the lot through out the week.  Expect a lot of ladders, greenhouse stacks, projectors, shipwrecks and subterranean landscape all with a healthy vein of isolation and the sense of being un moored running throughout.   


Swamps & Greenhouses

You would think these photos were taken somewhere in the Pacific North West but in fact they were taken last weekend at White Cedar Swamp on Cape Cod.  It is very hard to describe this place with words  and even harder with photos.  For one, these are very old trees (Michelle quickly counted about 200 rings on one of the fallen cedars) and the contrast of the reddish tone of the bark with the intense green of the moss covered ground creates a very strange and perfect color harmony that my camera is incapable of recording.   Also I'm posting a lot of new greenhouse/architecture type work on Etsy this weekend.  Any questions or thoughts feel free to write.   Thanks.