What Maisie Knew

I can't think of a better celebrity to be standing in front of one of my paintings.

About a year ago I sent out a few paintings to be used on the set of the movie What Maisie Knew.  (its an adaptation of a Henry James novella of the same title staring Julienne Moore, Steve Coogan and Alexander Skarsgard.

Honestly I was expecting that they would be buried in the background out of focus or maybe not even make it through the editing but...

Here's the trailer.


  1. Jeremy that is nuts!!!! This movie looks odd and intense and Julienne Moore shouldn't be allowed to do that accent but your painting looks great! Millions are going to see it. You're gonna be a STAAAHHHHH!

  2. I recently watched this film and when it was over I immediately googled "painting in What Maisie Knew", which led me here...I am by no means a wealthy art collector but if I could afford it I would have it on my wall TODAY. I'll even settle for a poster reproduction if I could locate one :). For now I will just envision it hanging there. Absolutely wonderful.

  3. Jeremy, your paintings are so amazing! I kept thinking of them since I saw the film. It surprised me that there were no credits on the movies site. Come to Copenhagen, Denmark! I know the perfect gallery!