Swamps & Greenhouses

You would think these photos were taken somewhere in the Pacific North West but in fact they were taken last weekend at White Cedar Swamp on Cape Cod.  It is very hard to describe this place with words  and even harder with photos.  For one, these are very old trees (Michelle quickly counted about 200 rings on one of the fallen cedars) and the contrast of the reddish tone of the bark with the intense green of the moss covered ground creates a very strange and perfect color harmony that my camera is incapable of recording.   Also I'm posting a lot of new greenhouse/architecture type work on Etsy this weekend.  Any questions or thoughts feel free to write.   Thanks.


  1. I knew exactly where that was, as I walked through that swamp last year. Just amazing. My husband and I vacation in Wellfleet every summer.
    Also I just nabbed one of your iceberg paintings on etsy!

  2. Lovely photos, lovely painting, lovely blog!

  3. where the deails?? what kind of covering did you us??how long will you leave the covering on your beds? greenhousesblog