Brian Paquette & Sunset Magazine's Idea Town, Seabrook, WA

Over the winter my good friend ,and incrediably talented interior designer, Brian Paquette was chosen to do the interior design for two newly constructed homes for Sunset Magazine's Idea Town located in Seabrook, WA unfairly situated on the Washington coast.

Long story short Brian asked if I would be up for making some work that had the look and feel of the Washington coast.  Loose paintings that would capture what its like out there with out being terribly specific.  The answer was yes, of course.  I lived on the West Coast for three years and had actually visited the Olympic Peninsula so I had a store of images already pent-up in my head that I'd been hoping to tap into some day, now i could.

Its worth mentioning that another facet of the project was a series of photographs Brian sent over to me that I then created loose painting from which you can see a handful of in the image above.  You can view these along with the more loose paintings on my website or if you're lucky enough to be on the Washington Coast you can go tour the house starting today!

A big thanks to Brian for including me.

Also drop what you're doing and go visit his stellar website HERE.

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