New Work In Motion

Two new paintings I'm working on.  


Group Show / June 7th-30th / Nahcotta / Portsmouth, NH

I will have 6 New Paintings in an upcoming group show 
at Nahcotta Gallery in Portsmouth, NH along side:

 Danna Ray
 Kathleen Robbins
 Jeff Fitzgerald 

The opening is on June 7th 5-7pm

Stop by. Its a beautiful space run by awesome people 
in a really beautiful town.   


Field Work

I spend a lot of time indoors painting from photographs and memory. Its how I like to work but after so much time in my studio, removed from actual landscapes and actual seascapes its crucial to get outside. I love the rapid transitions that come with spring and the warmer weather means more opportunities to paint outdoors.

I consider these paintings I do outdoors as something quite separate from what I do in the studio. The agenda outdoors is very different than the studio with an emphasis on the experience. I like to find weird spaces that offer different sounds and textures and to put myself in front of changing weather.   And with all the talk about experience I do really enjoy the product. They're often organic, raw, messy things that exist as a record or translation of a moment in time. What else is there really?  

I want to write more on outdoor painting, but I would love to hear some thoughts from others after all this is the kind of craft that comes with lots of shop talk about tools and methods etc so lets talk and trade. 



New Print

A new limited edition print of my painting  House Boat  is now available.  
Visit my Etsy shop for more information.